Se c’è qualcosa di sacro,

il corpo umano è sacro.

If anything is sacred,

the human body is sacred.

 Walt Whitman




Tumore della Prostata

Prostate Cancer


Tumore del Rene

Kidney Cancer


Tumore della Vescica

Bladder Cancer


La nostra Scuola di Specializzazione

in Urologia

ha ottenuto la Certificazione di Qualità.

SIU Talks

La mia conferenza TED-Style

“Storia di un Amore che brucia”


La recente lezione con il Prof. Antonelli

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Sezione Video

Come la faccio io

How I do it


Prostatectomia Radicale.

Radical Prostatectomy.

Nefrectomia Parziale.

Partial Nephrectomy.



Update Apr 2021


Our review on the role of Nomograms in Urologic Oncology

(published Apr 2021)


Complex ureteral stricture? Try this!

(published Mar 2021)


A multicentric analysis on Testicular Torsion.

(published Jan 2021)


Doctor Google and…Pain.

(published Dec 2020)


How Robotic Surgery impacted peri and postoperative outcomes?

(published Nov 2020)


Transitional cell carcinoma recurrence.

(published Oct 2020)


Treatment of Vesico-Vaginal Fistulas: our 50-year experience.

(published Sep 2020)


Our paper on PET/MRI in Prostate Cancer.

(published Aug 2020)


Our suggestions to mitigate the effects of CoVID-19.

(published Apr-Jul 2020)


Describing the surgical and oncological outcome of bladder-preserving ureter reconstruction with segmental ureteral resection after major gynecologic surgery.

(published Jun 2020)


We demonstrated that a complete left ureteral substitution with appendix is a feasible and safe technique.

(published May 2020)


We present a technique to ensure the successful outcome in cases of a partial detachment of the ureter during Robotic Prostatectomy.

(published Mar 2020)


Our systematic review on Symptomatic  lymphocele  (one of the most  common  complications  after  RARP)

(published Jan 2020)


We demonstrated that an ‘extreme’ bladder neck preservation during RARP is a safe oncological procedure

(published Dec 2019)


We demonstrated that men with Metabolic Syndrome are at higher risk of incontinence and impotence after Radical Prostatectomy.

(published Nov 2019)


A comment about our long experience with Trans-Perineal Prostate Biopsies.

(published Jun 2019)


Our paper on the role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in predicting survivorship of patients with bladder cancer.

(published May 2019)


Our paper on Technical Innovations to optimize Continence Recovery after Robotic Prostatectomy.

(published Apr 2019)


My paper (published in The Lancet) on the impact of Robotic Surgery in Urology.

(published Feb 2019)


Our Editorial on the impact of Obesity on the Bladder Cancer Prognosis.

(published December 2018)


My novel technique: R.U.G. – Replacement of the Ureter with Gonadal Vein.

(published November 7, 2018)


Our paper on the impact of Metabolic Syndrome on oncologic outcomes after radical prostatectomy

(in cooperation with Mayo Clinic).

(published October 1, 2018)


Our review on the role of Lymph node dissection in the radical cystectomy for bladder cancer.

(published September 2018)


A ‘new surgical anatomy’ came into being after the introduction of robotic surgery allowing a more precise dissection of surgical planes.

(published August 22, 2018)


The (amazing!) results of a prospective study on a novel ‘4-point’ technique to reduce pain in patients undergoing Robotic Radical Prostatectomy. 

(published July 25, 2018)


“b-MAP”: a new diagram that graphically describes the bladder (and the prostatic urethra in male patients).

(published June 10, 2018)

A pioneering study on the diagnostic accuracy of Fagan’s two-step nomogram in increasing the value of predictive tools for prostate cancer 

(published May 4, 2018)


Testing the role of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance in the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer using a novel data remodeling method

(published April 3, 2018)


Treatment of Recto-Urinary Fistulas with the novel daVinci SP (Single Port) System!

(published March 23, 2018)


Anastomotic urinary leakage is a marker of surgical skill: our data from 1366 patients

(published February 12, 2018)

URODRAW.COM in Nature Reviews in Urology

(published January 2018)


Metabolic Syndrome and Prostate Cancer: Results from a cooperative study with Mayo Clinic

(published December 18, 2017)


fabrizio dal moro

medico chirurgo ¦ medical doctor

specialista in urologia ¦ urologist

febu ¦ fellow european board of urology


professore associato ¦ associate professor

università degli studi di padova ¦ university of padova


direttore clinica urologica ¦ head of urology

azienda ospedaliera università di padova ¦ university hospital of padova

via giustiniani 2 – 35128 – padova

T. +39 049-8212720

E. fabrizio.dalmoro@unipd.it


direttore scuola di specializzazione in urologia ¦ director of the urology residency training program

università degli studi di padova ¦ university of padova


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